Monday, July 4, 2011

Makita UC3530A Review

You can buy Makita UC3530A at nearly any department store or by visiting their website.

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Note: This is a review, click here to visit the Makita UC3530A site.

I really didn't want to spend this much for a chainsaw. I have a small suburban property and just a few trees.

All I needed from a chainsaw was to cut down limbs that are too thick to saw by hand. [Edit: It turns out that I have to cut down two trees that are dying and there's no way I'm going to hand cut 8" thick limbs so this chainsaw is working out perfectly]

I first bought a Homelite electric. The first one was defective (didn't auto oil) so I exchanged it for another. That too was defective for a different reason so I returned it. Then I doubled the price (from the local box store) and went with a Poulan. Incredibly enough, that too was defective and didn't auto oil. I gave up and returned it.

I resisted buying the Makita since I couldn't justify it -- I would only use it once or twice a year but I couldn't get a working cheap electric chainsaw. I've had gas chainsaws but they're too noisy and I don't want to deal with the gas/oil hassle anymore.

So I doubled down again and bought the Makita. With one minor exception, I'm very pleased so far.

* Soft start is a nice feature -- doesn't jerk when you start the chain saw.
* Auto braking. The Homelite does not have a brake. The chain keeps running until friction stops the chain.
* Has a kick back bar.
* The electric motor is much less annoying than the cheaper electric chain saws -- the Makita doesn't have an irritating high-pitched whine.
* It's tool-less.
* Auto oiling which keeps the chain generously oiled but not dripping.
* Assembly is not difficult. Just make sure you install the chain in the correct direction and add oil. The Makita does *not* come with any oil at all.
* The electric plug is on a cord with a fastener. This makes attaching an extension cord much easier.

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IMPORTANT ====================================
The only part of the Makita electric chain saw that concerns me is the THIN PLASTIC chain saw tightener pin. I just can't see how that's going to last. For a 'Commercial Grade' chain saw, you'd think that the pin would have been made out of metal or something more durable. Even the fifty dollar Homelite has a metal pin. I'd love to know if these chain saws built years ago has metal pins.
IMPORTANT ====================================

Make sure that you tighten the chain every few minutes when you start using the new chain since the chain rapidly stretches.

Where I live, disposing of trees limbs is very difficult. You just can't put a whole bunch of limbs on the street. The compost garbage men won't pick it up. Limbs must be no longer than 4 feet and tied together (but not too many and not too heavy) or put into small plastic cans. So I need to use the chain-saw to whittle down limbs to bite-size pieces. It's such a hassle that most people hire tree work out and the trees are run through a shredder. Far more expensive than two-hundred bucks.

You should be aware that the Makita electric chain saw is much heavier than the cheaper brands. The Makita feels like a 'real' chain saw. If you have problems with your arms or hands, this chain saw may be too heavy for you.

Did I need a chain saw of this price and quality? No -- I don't frequently cut down big trees. But I wanted one that works when I need it. The cheapo electric chain saws are disposable aggravations. I like this chain saw.

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I have some experience with chain saws from thirteen years in logging in the Pacific Northwest. No longer in logging and no longer have need of a large professional gas saw. I looked at some less costly makes at local hardware stores but they were just to cheaply made. I went for this one and have no regrets. The soft start feature and overload protection make this saw worth the extra cost. Overall quality is great and balance is very good. This saw will certainly keep my residential property under control and will probably out last me. The first tree I took down was mature birch with an eighteen-inch trunk. Took about an hour to turn it into firewood and mulch and did it all on a weekend morning before the neighbors were up, they never heard a thing. If you are not trained or professionally experienced with the use of chain saws, please carefully read the entire operators manual and follow the instructions explicitly. I've seen many bad injuries with saws and they always happen in the blink of an eye. Safety first, always.